Updates from Jui Residences (2H2023)

Dear Jui Residences Community,

Greetings! As we share this vibrant community, we are thrilled to engage with you all in making Jui Residences not just a place to live, but a home to cherish.

We would like to share a few essential tips and friendly reminders to help enhance our community life:

  • Consideration for Others: It’s vital to remember that we share common walls, floors, and ceilings. When going about your daily activities, please be mindful of the noise levels. This includes avoiding loud music, heavy foot traffic, or moving furniture late at night or early in the morning.
  • Shared Spaces: We are fortunate to have beautiful shared facilities, including our gym, pool, and BBQ area. Please treat these as if they were your own, picking up after yourself and reporting any damage immediately. Your responsible behavior helps ensure everyone can enjoy these amenities.
  • Safety First: Always remember to close the main doors securely and not let strangers into the building. This collective vigilance helps keep our homes safe. Please report any suspicious activities to the management or the security team.
  • Pet Protocol: We love our furry friends! However, please ensure they are not causing inconvenience to your neighbors. Leash them in common areas and clean up after them. Excessive barking can be disruptive, so consider dog training options if this is an issue.
  • Waste Management: Please dispose of garbage in designated bins only and remember to recycle where possible. Large items should not be left in common areas or trash rooms. Let’s work together to keep Jui Residences clean and sustainable!
  • Community Events: Participate in community gatherings and functions. They are great opportunities to meet your neighbors and foster a spirit of camaraderie. We are always open to ideas for events, so feel free to share.
  • Communication: If you have any concerns, suggestions, or require assistance, please contact our management office. Open and respectful communication helps us continually improve our living community.
  • By showing consideration for our neighbors, we make Jui Residences a better place to live. Let’s remember, we are not just residents of individual condos but members of a larger community.

Thank you for your commitment to making Jui Residences a harmonious, safe, and enjoyable place to call home. We look forward to our ongoing collaboration to create an even better living environment for all.

Updates from Jui Residences (2Q2022)

Jui Residences Condo. Myra Showroom will be merged with Jui Residences. Due to ongoing COVID Phase 3 opening, appointment are required in advanced for site visits. Walk-ins dates for public will be confirmed in the future upon easing of COVID restrictions.

Due to the COVID situation, all appointments are to be made prior to any visits. Safe distancing and crowd control measures will be implemented and enforced according to relevant Singapore Ministries guidelines. Please do not visit the site without a face mask.

Please be informed that Jui Residences have been fully sold out. Please use the contact form if you would like to be informed of any bounced out units

We have received many feedback and thoughts on how we can share critical information to our buyers and why many are buying or ready to buy soon!

Updates from Jui Residences (2Q2022) Key Collection Info

We have revised the TOP date (vacant possession) as construction have progressed ahead of schedule. The TOP on paper is June 2022. Please note that this information is to help buyers plan for their financial planning and timing. No claims or damages can be made whatsoever from relying on the information presented here. Prices and construction progress are subject to changes anytime, albeit not to a large extend.

If your neighbours have been informed to collect keys, kindly wait for your lawyer’s updates as keys are released in batches. Key collection times will also be staggered to prevent over-crowding due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Your health and our staffs’ health are priority. Please contact your salesperson or lawyer if you require more information.

Please be reminded to submit your renovation plans and get approval from MCST if you are doing renovation. There are allowable timings allowed for renovations works and major works must be informed.

If you are a BUYER interested in Jui Residences, kindly use the contact form, indicate clearly your desired br type, please enter your full name and contact number into the form. Units if released, you will be notified on best effort basis. Bounce-out units are taken up fast, kindly have your financials checked and that you are ready to submit the relevant documents once informed of unit availability. Resale units are open market units by existing owners.

If you are a SELLER planning to sell your unit in Jui Residences, kindly fill up the contact form and indicate your interest to sell. Do ensure that your unit Seller’s Stamp Duty Period is matured, as you will be liable to pay the SSD if its still in-force upon selling. kindly indicate your unit number and room type that you are interested to sell and we will get a salesperson to contact and assist you.


  • 2br FULLY SOLD
    • 14-07: SOLD
    • 14-08: SOLD
    • 14-09: SOLD
    • 06-08: SOLD
    • 2br fully sold, enter information at contact form to enter queue list for bounced units.
  • 3br (Type c4 is FULLY SOLD)
    • 17-01: SOLD (check final discount upon registration)
    • 14-01: SOLD (check final discount upon registration)
    • 16-02: 1.7xm (check super star buy upon registration)
    • 17-05: 1.7xm (check super star buy upon registration)
    • 13-06: 1.8xm (check final discount upon registration)
  • Prices are updated on best effort basis, please check with your salesperson for final discounts applied to your desired unit.
  • Check in with our Jui Residences appointed salesperson only for this special discount. Please note that this information is to help buyers plan for their financial planning and timing. No claims or damages can be made whatsoever from relying on the information presented here.

Project Overview

Welcome to Jui Residences Singapore

Jui Residences is a Freehold Condominium situated at 1177 Serangoon Road (Former National Aerated Company).

It will be built by distinguished developer SDB Singapore, Selangor Dredging Berhad (SDB).

Known to the 1950s and 1990s generation as Kickapoo Building, or Sinalco Building, the site is a unique opportunity to bring out the heritage and significance of conservation and national heritage.

Jui Residences has been designed to reflect art deco heritage which is inspired by National Aerated Water Co Ltd building, located within the grounds of the devclopment. The art deco heritage can been seen through the vertical flutes on the facade, arched detailings on the balconies and wide inset curves on the podium.

Located right next to Kallang River, this 18-storey tower building presents 117 contemporarily crafted units with natural lighting and ventilation throughout each home.

Jui Residences River Facade

Own a piece of Singapore Heritage and History in a rare conservation area and building. Working together closely with URA, SDB is committed to make Jui Residences a residential development an architecture and historical footprint on the Map of the past industrial district.

Situated along Serangoon Road, it will have excellent connectivity to the island via major expressways and minutes to the City.

The main facing of the development is Kallang Sungei, which will give a very natural and water body view for the development. Entrance will be via Moonstone Lane.

Developer’s Factsheet

Jui Residences Condo Location Map

Price Guide

Unit Mix

The development will consist of smaller investor-grade units from 1br to bigger family-sized units. The final information will be released on approved by the relevant government authorities.

Jui Residences Aqua Gym

Unique Selling Points / Investment Outlook

1. Freehold land located in district 12, Outside City Centre (OCR)

2. Located next to Kallang River which is ear-marked for URA’s redevelopment plans.

See: https://www.ura.gov.sg/-/media/Corporate/Resources/Publications/Skyline/Skyline-PDFs/Skyline_Issue_06.pdf

3. Good capital growth potential as Jui Residences is located in the middle of growth districts of Bidadari Estate and Kampong Bugis.

4. Jui Residences will become a part of the unique heritage of the National Aerated Water (NAW) building, a conservation effort by SDB Asia Pte Ltd, allowing its heritage to be brought to life through adaptive re-use. The NAW was where soft drinks like RC Cola, Sinalco & Kickapoo Joy Juice were bottled and is part of Singapore’s industrial heritage and one of the last remnants of the Kallang River’s industrial past.

Source: Straits Times

5. Jui Residences is envisioned to be a unique and lively commercial area located next to a park connector, adjacent to the Kallang River. This park connector links Bishan-Ang Mo Kio park to Gardens By The Bay, turning the river into a thriving corridor of vibrant community space.

6. Residents enjoy a riverside lifestyle supporting active mobility where outdoor activities and healthy lifestyle is promoted.

7. Excellent connectivity via PIE, CTE and Serangoon Road to Marina Bay Area, CBD, Orchard Road and many parts of Singapore.

8. A home for the modern minimalist, crafted and curated by innovative designers, envisioned by SDB and brought to life by award-winning CarverHaggard of London.

9. The art-déco heritage can be seen through the vertical flutes on the facade, arched detailing on the balconies and wide inset curves at the podium.

10. At the Level 5 sky terrace, a 24-metre infinity lap pool provides seamless views extending into the Kallang River giving residents a sense of liberating space.

11. As a tribute to the National Aerated Water Co., Ltd. building, brightly coloured artworks adorn the walls. Specially crafted by sculptor Dr. Colin K. Okashimo, and named ‘The Bottle Assembly: Filling Voids and Voids Filling’ pastel colours of pink, blue and yellow are applied to the bottles following the Miami art-déco style.

Jui Residences Pool Landscape

Site History

Then and Now

The origin of Serangoon’s name refers to “Ranggong”, a bird commonly found in Riverine swamps around Serangoon River. Serangoon was then an area for logistics movements and warehousing business, due to the easy access and connection to Kallang River, which was then a busy waterway for goods and transport. It was also home to National Aerated Water Co Ltd. Founded in 1954, this building manufactured soda drinks, which included local favourites such as Sinalco and Kickapoo.

Now, Serangoon is an established address, with convenient amenities for its community. This would include NEX Shopping mall, a newly renovated and refurbished Chomp Chomp food centre, the Singapore Sports Hub, Kallang Basin Swimming Complex, and notable schools such as St Andrew’s Junior College and the Stamford American International School.

Selangor Dredging Berhad (SDB)

Jui Residences is a freehold site that Selangor Dredging Berhad (SDB) secured at $47 million. Land bidding details and bidding price was submitted by Champsworth Development subsidiary, Tiara Land.

The original zoning of the land is Industrial Zoning, to convert into Residential Use, the developer had to top up a deferential charge and change of use fees which totalled to approximately 22.6m.

Based on Gross Plot Ratio and Land Use estimation, the site will yield about 100-130 units of average sized 700-800sqft estimated. Champsworth Development is owned by its partner company SDB International of a share of 50%.

Jui Residences Condo Site History

National Aerated Water Company

The site of Jui Residences was owned by former Singapore National Aerated Water and Beverage Company, well known on the everyday brand such as Sinalco and Kickapoo, which is still sold in various coffeeshops in Singapore.

It was build and operated in the late 1920s by three Ching brothers, Ching Kwong Yew, Ching Kwong Kuen and Ching Kwong Lum. National Aerated Water Company oversaw the manufacturing and led the distribution through its distribution channels and partners. These Soda Drinks are a hit with the middle aged and older generation and is a fond reminder of the beautiful heritage of this site that has to offer. Even after it ceased operation on the onset of year 1990s, there were no major operation on the site and was left idle and vacant due to a major tussle over the shares of the asset.

Developer Selangor Dredging Berhad (SDB) Champsworth Development is estimated to have paid $756 psf ppf for this bidding and plot. National Aerated Water Company had a fabulous view of Kallang River. Kallang River spans 10km, spanning from Lower Peirce Reservoir to the coastal of Nicoll along Nicoll Highway.

URA Directive – Conservation of Heritage Buildings

One of the unique characteristics and style of Jui Residences would be the conservation of the National Aerated Company Building. In a statement to The Straits Times on Thursday (Dec 15), a URA spokesman said: “We recognise the architectural and heritage value of the National Aerated Water Company’s building and its role as a landmark in the area.”This is a private property, and we will engage the building owner to explore the possibility of conserving the building.”
Source: Straits Times

When the site was sold to Selangor Dredging Berhad (SDB) Champsworth Development, the Heritage Community was alarmed and concerned, the news and potential demolishing of the building after all, bottled iconic and well known beverages loved by Singaporeans such as Sinalco, Kickapoo Joy Juice, Royal Crown Cola, and Green Spot. You may be enjoyed them in the tall glass bottles before.

There was even a Facebook Page Set up called Save The National Aerated Water Company Building, in a plea to save it. The community has flagged the structure full of art-deco feel to the URA for conservation in 2007. Dr Yeo Kang Shua, from the Singapore University of Technology and Design, said that the building had a unique art deco appearance, and the building’s rear features consists of a unique saw-tooth roof design and structure. He said: “Its clever design allowed a lot of daylight into a very deep factory building therefore minimising the reliance on electricity.”

The assistant professor of architecture and sustainable design added: “I hope that the new owner appreciates the historical significance of the site to Singaporeans and is open to work with the authorities to work on a development plan that is sensitive to the historic structure.”

Jui Residences NAW History

Jui Residences pays homage to the National Aerated Water Co., Ltd. building, by drawing inspiration from its art deco elements.
This cultural heritage building was built in 1954 and is associated with the bottling of popular softdrink labels, including Sinalco and Kickapoo.
The centerpiece of this heritage building is a flagstaff mounted on the signature column, complimented by an on-site petrol pump which will be conserved within the development. The conserved ‘L’-shaped building is unique in several ways. There is a tapering balcony at the front with a fair-faced brick parapet and a built-in sunshade projecting out from the building’s side that spirals out of a circular window.

With the launch of Serangoon North MRT Station, do check out Affinity at Serangoon as it’s a great potential buy now!

Highlights of Jui Residences

Jui Residences Condo Riverside View
  • Own a piece of Heritage on this development

  • It will be a very rare opportunity to be part of this National Conservation Movement

  • Freehold Property

  • Prime City Fringe Development

  • Tucked away in quiet Moonstone Lane

  • Enjoy majestic views of Sungei Kallang

  • Plenty of Amenities in Mature Estate

  • Well connected via Expressway at Doorstep and Serangoon Road

  • Minutes to CBD Area

  • Minutes to Marina Bay

  • Minutes to Paya Lebar Hub

  • Prestigious Schools and Junior Colleges

  • Proven Track Record and Quality Fittings by Selangor Dredging Berhad

With the launch of Jui Residences Condo Singapore approaching soon, we are excited to keep you updated for this new launch condoninium.

Especially after a successful tender, you can be sure to expect crowds at the upcoming Jui Residences showflat, where the condo units will be introduced and sold by our Official Developer Team.

Our Appointed Team by the Developers are very experienced in the housing developments in the area with great expertise and knowledge in the investment outlook of Singapore.

To reserve your preview and secure more information from our official developer team, be sure to fill in the form below to get in touch with us.